ME-ONE Methylcobalamin 1500mcg


ME-ONE is primarily indicated in conditions like Congenital cobalamine malabsorption, Congenital intrinsic factor deficiency, homocystenemia, Vit B-12 deficiency, Peripheral neuropathy.

Mode of Action

ME-ONE acts on functioning in the production of a material called myelin, which covers and protects nerve fibers. ME-ONE acts differently than other vitamins. An intrinsic factor (made in the stomach), that must be present in the intestinal tract in significant amounts to allow for its absorption, combines with the Vitamin B12 that is released from food during digestion. People lacking this intrinsic factor eventually show symptoms of a Vitamin B12 deficiency- a condition called Pernicious Anemia. It is a slow and insidious process that can ultimately end in death. Pernicious (anemia) in fact means, “Leading to death”.


Vitamin B12 gets bind to intrinsic factor (IF) and form a complex. This IF-B12complex is then absorbed in distal ileum. This absorption is done by a very specific receptor mediated transport system. It is distributed to different cells of the body upon binding to transcobalamin II. It is stored in the liver in amount of 300-500 µg. Normally, very little amount is excreted through urine or feces but upon parenteral administration large amount is found in urine.

Dosage and Recommendation

Adult: 1500mcg/day in 3 divided doses, 500mcg daily IM/IV 3 times/week Child: >=12 yrs: 1500mcg/day in 3 divided doses

Packing and Presentation

Available in 500mcg and 1500mcg Available as alu-alu strip of 10 tablets in a box of 10 × 10s