B-ONE tablets

Thiamine 100mg


  • Indication
  • Mode of Action
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Dosage
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B-ONE is indicated for the treatment of thiamine and niacin deficiency stats, Korsakov’s alcoholic psychosis, Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome, delirium and peripheral neuritis.

B-ONE, the active forms are phosphorylated thiamine derivatives i.e. related to a reduction in intracellular protein glycation by redirection the glycolytic flux.

Absorption takes place mainly from duodenum, by both active and passive processes. Protein binding- 90-94%; Metabolism- Hepatic Excess B-ONE is excreted in urine. Depletion of vitamin B1 occurs about 3 week with absence of B-ONE in diet.

Available in 100mg tablet. Each strip contains 10 tablets