LONID tablet

Clonidine 100mcg


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LONID is indicated in the treatment of hypertension.

LONID stimulates alpha-adrenoreceptors in the brain stem resulting in reduced sympathetic outflow from the central nervous system and it decreases peripheral resistance, renal vascular resistance, heart rate, and blood pressure.

The plasma level of LONID peaks in approximately 3 to 5 hours and the plasma half-life ranges from 12 to 16 hours and it increases up to 41 hours in patients with severe impairment of renal function. Following oral administration about 40-60% of the absorbed dose is recovered in the urine as unchanged drug in 24 hours. About 50% of the absorbed dose is metabolized in the liver.

Hypertension: 50-100 mcg tid

Available in 100 mcg tablet Available as a strip of 10 tablets in a box of 10 × 10s