Welcome to Magnus Pharma

Magnus’s journey began with the vision to induce changes in the field of health care through innovation and creativity. Over the last few years, we have emerged out as one of the Nepal’s most admired pharmaceutical names among medical fraternity, for quality and creativity in our products and services.

Today, we are one of the Nepal’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company with strong presence all over Nepal. Our success and incessant growth lies in impactful execution of successful and strategic moves made in the areas of formulation and development, marketing and product promotion. We use cutting edge technology and innovation to fulfill the unmet healthcare needs of Nepalese people. While delivering a long term sustainable business, we recognize our duty to provide quality medicines at affordable price. We have influenced the entire Nepalese pharmaceutical market to look forward beyond me-too products and take the challenge of manufacturing innovative molecules. Our formulation and development is focused in developing innovative products, giving the country many “Firsts”, i.e. first time in Nepal and many first Nepalese  brands.

In short, Magnus is leading by Example.