Tadalafil 5/10 mg tablet


Erectile Dysfunction, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasis (BPH)

Mode of Action

It reduces the degradation of c-GMP into GMP that is casued by the PDE-5 enzyme , thus resulting into the vascular relaxation.


Bioavailability :- 80 % Tmax :- 2 hours Half life :- 17.5 hours in normal healthy men , 21.6 hours in elderly.

Dosage and Recommendation

- For the treatment of ED : 10 mg for on demand dosing 2.5 mg for once daily dosing The onset of action may take occur in as early as 15 minutes of dosing , but may take upto 2 hours for a response in majority

Packing and Presentation

T-FIL is available as blister strip of 10*4s.