Our People

people-webWe have young, energetic team of professionals who are highly qualified, skilled and competent for manufacturing top quality products. Our teams of pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacists, molecular biologists, chemists work all out to impart world class quality into our products. We have recruited a renowned Research and Development Consultant, who also serves for multinational companies, to sharpen skills and assist our formulation and development team. Furthermore, we are the first pharmaceutical company to recruit a Quality Assurance consultant of international recognition to add value into our Quality Assurance team. Our QA team strives continuously to ensure that each single tablet /capsule we manufacture meets standard quality objectives.

Our products are marketed and promoted by well trained medical representatives, who are mostly science graduates. Our sales and marketing team has massively expanded during these seven years making it one of the strongest and most efficient marketing teams in the nation. We have specialized product management department which devises product promotional strategies and also looks after the aspects of product branding and positioning with respect changing market scenario.