About Us


Magnus Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company trusted widely among healthcare professionals over diverse geography for its best quality products and services. Since its inception, it has been striving to adapt to the evolving needs of society and contribute to overall health and wellness of the people of nation and beyond. Its state of art manufacturing facilities, a nation’s finest Research and Development setups, most charismatic pool of employees, a total quality management system and unwavering desire to achieve excellence has made it succeed to set new benchmarks within short tenure.

Establishing a world class entrepreneurial culture with the spirit of innovation and creativity has camouflaged into value added innovative products “Mostly First Time in Nepal” making Magnus Pharma a name not a number in the pool of pharmaceutical companies of Nepal.

We are a WHO GMP Certified and a compliant to most stringent regulatory norms like UK-MHRA, US – FDA, TGA Australia guidelines making an honest approach to bring about differences in the lives of needy people and society.

Mission & Vision



Marching ahead to be a admirable company by touching the lives of the needy people through efficacious medicine and improving the quality of life.





vision-mission Vision

At Magnus, we are in a pursuit to become the nation’s most admirable pharmaceutical company having a clear vision to induce and embrace changes in the field of health care through innovation and creativity.

Apart from doing business through highest ethical value and integrity, we are committed to reduce the import burden of the country and bring about difference in the lives of the needy people and the society as a whole by introducing unique and innovative formulations of the highest obtainable quality at the lowest possible price.

Our Consultant

consulting-webOur project consultant is M/S Doshi Consultants Pvt. Ltd, an India based quality consultancy service having an excellent reputation to create the modern facility with latest technological advancement and in compliance with various international regulatory authorities as US FDA, MCH, TGA, WHO GMP, ISO 9000 etc. The clients of M/S Doshi Consultants in India includes leading Companies like Hoechest Roussel India, Cadila Health Care, Zydus Health Care Ltd, Serum Institute of India, Blue Cross Laboratories Limited, Intas Pharmaceuticals, Cipla Limited and many.

Our People

people-webWe have young, energetic team of professionals who are highly qualified, skilled and competent for manufacturing top quality products. Our teams of pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacists, molecular biologists, chemists work all out to impart world class quality into our products. We have recruited a renowned Research and Development Consultant, who also serves for multinational companies, to sharpen skills and assist our formulation and development team. Furthermore, we are the first pharmaceutical company to recruit a Quality Assurance consultant of international recognition to add value into our Quality Assurance team. Our QA team strives continuously to ensure that each single tablet /capsule we manufacture meets standard quality objectives.

Our products are marketed and promoted by well trained medical representatives, who are mostly science graduates. Our sales and marketing team has massively expanded during these seven years making it one of the strongest and most efficient marketing teams in the nation. We have specialized product management department which devises product promotional strategies and also looks after the aspects of product branding and positioning with respect changing market scenario.

Our Plant

Our Plant

Our ultra- modern and versatile plant is located at Rampur Tokani-VDC, ward no 2, Bara district 11 kilometers north of the Industrial city Birgunj. The plant is built to confirm the most stringent regulatory norms like WHO- GMP, UK-MHRA, US-FDA and TGA Australia guideline. While designing and constructing the plant, proper attention was paid to the latest concept of cross contamination, air circulation and air handling system adhering the guidelines of occupational health and safety ISO and environmental friendly Process flow. In short our plant is the reflection to our commitment for manufacturing the highest quality medicines.

Quality Control Laboratory

The fully air conditioned quality control laboratory is equipped with all Modern quality control and all analytical equipments like HPLC,UV spectrophotometer, UF Titrater, Dissolution test apparatus, Humidity chambers, Incubators, etc. We are the first company to have separate facility micro-biology section.

Formulation and Research Development

The plant has a separate Formulation Development Suite adjoining Q C Laboratory with separate AHU to maintain Class 100,000 Area. Complete set of most modern Granulating, Blending, Compression & Coating Machines are housed in this suite. The 5 Kg Capacity Machines selected in this suite are baby
replica of the higher capacity machines selected for Main Production.

HVAC System

The plant has the latest and modern HVAC system with altogether 23 numbers of AHU’s designed for tablet and capsule section only.
All AHUs and chillers have been imported from Malaysia which is only one of its kind’s in the country.




Our Values

values-webPerformance & Professional Approach

Performance and Professional approach is our core value in whatever we do. We strive for continuous improvement in our performance; measuring results carefully and ensuring that result and respect for people are never compromised.

Social Responsibility

The desire to make people happier and safer is at the heart of company’s giving. We listen to our community partners who show us where our giving can help the most. We listen to them so that the programs we support make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. We have responsibility to create a nation where people across all economic and social circumstances can access the treatment they need. To enhance access to our medicines, we have many programs for those who cannot afford medicines (includes health camps, Van tours etc).


For us quality is based on sound combination of science, use of risk management tools and establishment of efficient quality system .Quality system cannot be tested into products but it should be built in by design. We have created a culture where quality objectives are transparent, well understood and undoubtedly important. We focus on our resources on products and process attributes truly crucial to deliver new products. Adding quality measures to manufacturing process midstream, simplifying quality and compliance management system, working to measure quality performance effectively will combine to raise our product quality.

We incorporate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) norms not only as a regulatory requirement but also to upgrade and manufacture highest quality products which are our constant Endeavour.

Corporate Governance

Our management and Board of Directors believe that operating the company is a reliable, efficient, transparent and ethical manner enhances abilities to foster sustainable growth and create value of stakeholders. Our mission and commitment is the statement of values and principles that guides all our activities and commits us to the highest standard of moral and ethical behavior. We apply the values and principles espoused in our mission and commitment are applied in our standard of business conducts and ethics ,guides every action we take and every decision we make in the course of business practices.

Our Environment Policy

Our purpose is to improve the health and well being of people of Nepal and beyond. To fulfill this goal, we must protect environment in which we work and live. A healthy planet and healthy community go hand in hand. We are continually reviewing and improving our efforts to lessen our impact on environment .We set high standards for our manufacturing facilities in the area of environment responsibility –striving for the performance that does not merely comply with regulation but reduces environmental impacts. We have responsibility to care for our planet and preserve strength for future generations.

Our People

People make organization. The value an organization produces is unequivocally linked to collective efforts of its people. We believe, human potential is unlimited unlike that of machines so, we nurture an environment that attracts the best and get them deliver the best .We focus our attention to harness the innate potential each individual brings to organization .Our human resource development strategy a invariably focuses on incessant improvement of professional and interpersonal skills and abilities fostering team spirit and enhancing knowledge base of our employees. Through numerous training and development programs we continuously invest t bring out the best of our human assets. We continually seek ways to make our work environment more engaging and empowering. It’s like home away from home as we know inspired people deliver breakthrough performance. We are strong advocate in spirit of growing together.

Our Commitment

At Magnus, we are committed for steady stream of new and innovative medicines that will really help to bring about a substantial increase in life expectancy, improve patient’s quality of life and to prevent, cure and treat diseases. We feel responsible to provide safe, efficacious and highest quality products through a more rational approach to medicine manufacturing. We are committed to increase our access to medicines and find a sustainable solution to health challenges of today and tomorrow. Also we express our commitment in being distinctly different in meeting unmet needs of people of Nepal and beyond.